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A story that sparked over 100,000 visitors. The new young adult novel by Samantha C. Ross.

Trying to live an ordinary life, but the paranormal just keeps getting in the way? it is not twilight here on the island, but dusk. Prepare for a story of light and dark, and enter the world of three teenager supernatural sisters. Magic happens here. A spell, a curse, a love bewitched. On Americus, nothing is as it seems. Take the trip now...there are so many things in the shadows waiting for you...





Words of Magic


Welcome to the language of magic!


Paranormal Glossary


Alchemy Magical chemistry. By combining chemistry, botany, and elements, it is said that a master Alchemist can turn metal into gold.
Aleister Crowley Once known as ‘The Wickedest Man In The World’ and ‘The Great Beast’, Crowley was an evil occultist, powerful magician, and some-time witch (though practitioners of the craft would dispute him this title). Though Crowley died in 1947, to this day he remains worshipped by most occultists and by some satanic cults.
Apparition Better known as a ghost, apparitions are the souls of the once-living, caught between worlds.
Aura Invisible to most, an aura is an energy that radiates from a human, spiritual being, or object. The unseen colors of the aura usually reflect the soul, an intention or mood, i.e. red for anger or malice, blue for tranquility.

Bay leaf This leaf is sacred and powerful to most forms of witchcraft. A vast array of spells would not be complete without including this plant.
Birch Much like the Bay Leaf, this tree is also worshiped by witches, and is most associated as the wood which holds together a witch’s broom.
Black Magic (Or Chaos Magic)  A malicious and sinister form of magic, commonly used to cause accident, injury, and sometimes death. In most cases, a ritual is performed to evoke evil spirits, or cast spells and hexes in the name of the Devil.

Clairvoyant An individual who has the ability to see glimpses of the future, or relay messages from the world of the dead.
Coven A gathering or group, usually consisting of witches and vampires.
Cult Again, a gathering or group. Though cults are generally formed on the basis of religion, their idea’s and beliefs can sometimes prove a little twisted, whether it be God, Jesus, or Satan they worship.
Curse (or Hex)  By the power of either words (incantation) or potions, a curse is laid (or thrown) toward an enemy for the purpose of provoking illness, bad-luck and misfortune. Some places and animals are also known to be cursed.


Dark Arts While most magic is neutral, and can be used for both good and evil, the Dark Arts, like Black Magic, is used solely for malevolent purpose.
Deity A divine being, a God.
Demon (or Daemon)  This evil being is known to be a servant of Satan. Occasionally, they are said to escape the corridors of hell to haunt, or overpower humans.

Entity Not to be confused with a ghost, an entity is a phantom of energy. It can manifest in the form of a shadowy figure, an Orb of light, a Poltergeist or Demon. Unlike a haunted spirit, the entity has more mysterious origins. In short, it may not have ever been a living soul.

Fae (or Faerie) There is much folklore on these supernatural beings, and most of it confusing. Some cultures say the Fae are trapped spirits of the dead, some say they are Demons. Other legends state that Faeries are Angels, or an unknown creature altogether. However, it is universally agreed that Faeries are beautiful, human-like in appearance, and love to eat, drink and dance well into the night. But beware of their invitation, should stumble across their path. One hour in the land of Fae is said to pass as twenty years in the human world.
Four Elements Fire, air, water and earth are part of most Wiccan rituals and beliefs. Sometimes the fifth element of spiritual energy is added to increase strength to a spell or ceremony.

Ghost This wandering spirit is a lost soul of the once living. Perhaps they are disbelieving of their death, or have stayed behind to right an awful wrong. Whichever the reason, a Ghost cannot pass on to their resting place, and remain here as a shadowy figure of what they once were.

Haunting A presence from the spirit realm, haunting this world. If the haunting is Demonic, it is a harrowing visitation as the evil entity attempts to oppress and possess its victim. Then there are common hauntings, which are unsettling, but rarely dangerous. Usually a lost or confused soul gains uneasy attention by casing phantom knocking, footsteps, and sometimes crying or wailing.

Imp Mischievous, troublesome and unpredictable, these tiny elf-like creatures are said to be comfortable in both the presence of Faeries, or Satan.
Incantation A chant that accompanies the casting of a spell. Most incantations are secretive words, and passed down only through generations of Witches, Wiccans or Voodooists.

Lorica A small charm or amulet worn on oneself to protect, and ward off evil.
Lycanthropy The ability to shape-shift and change into a bestial form – most commonly a Werewolf.

Manifesto A book held dear to witches. Always kept within the family, this book is passed down through the bloodline, through generations of witches. It’s pages are inclusive of spells, hexes, curses, enchantments and incantations.
Medium One that possesses the ability to converse with the spirits of the dead from beyond.
Mermaid These mythological creatures have the torso of a human, and a dolphin-like tail in place of legs. Though they are mostly depicted in fairy-tales, the mermaid has a much more sinister history. While waiting on rocks by the sea, they would sing in Angel’s voices to lure in cargo ships, and their other-worldly beauty led many a sailor to a watery grave.
Mystic Witch, Warlock, Clairvoyant, Heretic or Shaman, the Mystic is a individual with any mysterious origins and power.

Nephilim Humans who are believed to be the offspring of an Angel (The Seraphim) and a human mother. Being half-celestial, these individuals are customarily born with differences, whether it be physical (abnormally tall or short) or intellectual (clairvoyance is common in Nephilim).

Omen A sign or warning of unseen misfortune drawing near.
Orb Circular balls of energy, thought to come from the spirit world. Either rainbow colored, or dazzling white, these balls of light are predominantly noticed lingering around graveyards and burial sites.

Pagan A term for various ancient religions, formed long before Christianity. Paganism held an array of beliefs, mostly worshipping of the Gods, and Goddesses of nature and earth.
Paranormal No scientific explanation for the unusual occurrences that contrast against the laws of science, physics and nature.
Poltergeist Meaning ‘noisy ghost’ in German, a house haunted by Poltergeist can expect the spooky sight of objects moving on their own and phantom flashes of light. Other Poltergeist activities include random noises, such as knocking or scraping and more daunting, horrific screams.
Possessed When a human is overpowered by demonic supernatural force. The evil entity gains full control of the victim, who eventually becomes catatonic. If Demons do not leave the body willingly (Which is the case, more often than not) only a priest, minister, or ordained individual can cast the entity out in the name of God.
Pranic Vampire This being does not feed from blood, but the life-force of humans. The Pranic Vampire drains his victim of all forms of energy, aura - vitality, even intellectual power. It is rare for this particular Vampire to kill a human, as humans have the ability to restore their energy.

Ritual Ritual Magic comes in a million different forms of ceremonies. Always performed with incantations, Rituals can also include the sacrificing of animals (common in Voodoo), the throwing of rune stones, feasting and dancing by a bonfire. Other, more bizarre rituals include inviting spirits to take over the body, and speak through the participant. Most Ritual Magic is created for the purpose of worshipping nature and entities.

Satanism Worship of the Devil, and renouncing of God and Jesus Christ. Satanists follow a dark path, promising themselves to Satan in the hereafter, to gain wealth in luck in this life. Indulging in a practice called Black Maas, this abnormal ceremony is a Christian Church Mass, performed backwards.
Séance A gathering, often hosted by a Medium of Clairvoyant, coming together to attempt communication with the spirit world. This practice dates back to the thirteenth century.
Seraphim ‘The Burning Ones’ Sometimes known as God’s avengers, or Army, the Seraphim have four faces – that of a bull, lion, eagle and man. The Nephilim are the offspring of these tremendous Angels.
Shaman A messenger between the human and spirit world. Also renown for treating illness by healing the soul. Mostly found in American Indian tribal custom.
Solstice A natural phenomena. Twice a year, during June and December, the earth tilts on an axis, causing the planet to be at a point nearest, or furthest from the sun. Solstice causes the longest, or shortest day of the year, depending on the position of the northern and southern hemisphere.
Sorceress A master of Alchemy, magic and spell-craft.
Supernatural Unexplained phenomena.

Talisman Any form of charm or trinket, i.e. a bracelet, ring, cross or crystal. The talisman is kept to either create good luck, or as a safeguard against evil.
Telepathy See below in ESP ‘Gifts”.


Unicorn  A mythical creature in the form of a horned horse, sometimes depicted with wings. Said to be a symbol of grace and purity, the unicorn is believed to hold the power of healing, and can only be tamed by a virgin maiden.
Unconscious Where the mind and brain are in a state of unawareness. Examples include sleep, a faint, or a coma. Although is known that coma patients can appear unconscious, while inwardly remaining alert.

Vampire A legendary being that feeds from human blood. Vampires are known as the undead, and revered for their beauty and charisma.
Voodoo This religion hails from Africa, Haiti and the Caribbean. Voodoo practitioners believe in deities known as Lwa, or Loa, and a God known as Bondye. Over the years, as Voodoo became common throughout the USA (primarily Louisiana) these deities were merged with Catholic saints. Voodoo has somewhat of an unsettling reputation, as it’s magic and curses are extremely powerful. However, it is not by any means a dark religion, as many of its rituals include creating energy to abolish evil.
Voodoo Priestess (Mambo) An individual chosen by the spirits of  their ancestors to be placed in a position of power, and given the responsibility to protect their kin from evil.

Wicca/n A pagan religion, sometimes inclusive of spell-craft (though not always). Wiccan worship a God, and Goddess (The Triple Goddess and The Horned God). They are also extremely worshipping of nature and the four/five elements.



ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) or ‘Gifted’ Glossary.


Cartomany The ability to predict the future with playing cards.
Catoptromancy Using mirrors to foresee the future.
Chiromancy (Palm reading)  Reading the lines on a person’s hand to either explain their personality and problems, or to see a future outcome.
Metascopy Reading the lines of a forehead to see the future.
Necromancy Gaining information from the dead.
Oneiromancy Interpreting the future through dreams.
Psychic The most powerful trait of all ESP. Psychic’s have a vast spectrum of ability which can include, telepathy, clairvoyance, automatic writing (a trance like state where the individual can script messages from the dead), bilocation (appearing in two places at once), faith healing (healing disease without medicine), and the gift of foretelling of death.
Psychometry An ability to see the past or future by touching an object.
Pyrokinesis An individual able to set objects on fire by touch or though alone.
Rhabdomancy Dowsing(psychic searching) to find water, hidden treasure or lost objects.
Telekinesis The ability to move objects at will by thought alone.
Telepathy A talented individual able to read thoughts and images from another person’s brain.
Transvection Body levitation or flying.

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"I blinked once, twice, three times, as proof that I wasn't caught in a dream, and that I realistically saw the thing that sat beside my sister. A creature with the profile of a goddess faced Evangeline, it's skin so white and translucent, I could see faint blue veins. A tangle of silver-green hair hung wildly down, and swayed in the fathoms beneath the bolder they sat on. That was where the perfect, marble-like skin ended. In place of the creature's legs, it sprouted a long, sturdy tail, much like a dolphins, shimmering in peacock colors as it swished the water's surface."

Alchemy: Mastering of magical chemistry.


Imp: Mischievous, yet dangerous, the imp is a supernatural-being who is comfortable in the presence of either Satan, or in the faerie world.


Fae (faerie): A beautiful creature of folklore, sometimes said to be trapped spirits, fallen angels, or earthly demons.

"My sight had cleared of the blinding mist, and I wished to God it hadn't. A Demon leviathan rose from the churning, blood-filled river, the same monster, I suspected, that had chased me through my nightmares. His appearance was traditionally satanic. I had to crane my neck to take in all of his colossal size. Sinew and bulging muscles pulled taunt over a landscape of ugly orange skin. Where the veins pulsated, diminutive flames rose, flickered and died, though his flesh stayed smooth without charring. The huge black horns dominating the Demon's forehead curled in spiral formation, ending in sharp black spikes."

Ghost: This wandering spirit is a lost soul, trapped between this world and the realm of the dead.

Clairvoyant: An individual who has the ability to see glimpses of the future, or relay messages from the spirit world.


Seraphim: "The Burning ones" God's army of angel's, who are known mate with human women and create offspring called the Nephilim.

Hopelessly, it looks as though Chime may lose the fight against her invisible assailant, as the dark magic pitched against her becomes life-threatening. However, Americus residents are familiar with evil sorcery; the island's hidden past is shrouded by witchcraft, and they are not prepared to lose one of their own. The seemingly ordinary citizens form a coven, to break the spell imprisoning Chime.

Sorceress: A master of Alchemy, magic, and spell craft.

Spell, curse, or hex: By the power of words (incantations) or potions, a curse is laid (or thrown) toward an enemy for the purpose of provoking illness, bad-luck and misfortune.

Pranic Vampire: This paranormal being drains not blood, but life-force from human victims.


A legendary creature that feeds from the blood of humans. Vampires are known as 'The Undead' and are revered for their striking beauty and charisma.


Voodoo Priestess: An individual chosen by the spirits of their ancestors to be placed in a position of power and leadership,and given the responsibility to protect their kin from evil.

Voodoo: This religion hails from Haiti, Africa the Caribbean, and in the USA (predominantly in Louisiana). Voodoo has somewhat of an unsettling reputation, as its magic and curses are extremely powerful. However, it is not by any means a dark religion, as many of its rituals include creating energy to abolish evil spirits.







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