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A story that sparked over 100,000 visitors. The new young adult novel by Samantha C. Ross.

Trying to live an ordinary life, but the paranormal just keeps getting in the way? it is not twilight here on the island, but dusk. Prepare for a story of light and dark, and enter the world of three teenager supernatural sisters. Magic happens here. A spell, a curse, a love bewitched. On Americus, nothing is as it seems. Take the trip now...there are so many things in the shadows waiting for you...





Chapter One - Page2


“How much slower could you possibly go?” Angel scowled.

I caught up with my sister and shot her a glower of my own. “I don’t know why you do this to me five days a week – no normal teenager likes going to school, you know. You should speak to a professional before your condition gets worse.”

“And no lazy teenager ever became anything professional,” she answered smugly.

I thought about telling Angel she had a great future ahead as a qualified pain in the ass, but decided it was too early to sister-bicker. Instead I changed the subject.

“What’s Evangeline helping Aunt Tookie with?”

Angel, having won this round, was happy to drop it. “Tookie felt a presence in our garden last night. She and Evie are placing hemlock, thorns, and probably Belladonna around the backyard. It’s an offering to let the presence know it’s welcome in the garden, but not to come any further near the house.”

“Oh, well that’s a relief,” I said sarcastically. I was more than a little disturbed at the thought of an unseen visitor taking interest in our home. “What kind of presence?”

“How should I know? Some sort of earth spirit, maybe.” Angel shrugged, completely unfazed and still in a hurry to embrace her education. Weirdo.

A year older than me and unlike most teenagers, my sister actually liked school. Angel was in her element there. But then again, she pretty much is anywhere she goes. Fiery, vivacious, popular – my middle sister is all the things I’m not. Even further on the chalk and cheese scale is my eldest sister, Evangeline. The boys at school lose all concentration in her presence, infatuated and rendered helpless when faced with her beauty. And who can blame them? Moody and already sensuous at seventeen, Evie has the black eyes and rippling hair of a goddess. Again, everything I’m not.

The beach path ended at the harbor, where fishing boats already hauled bright red lobster and gleaming silver fish. Mostly, Americus survives on the fishing industry and local trading – tourism is somewhat sporadic… visitors aren’t always at ease here. Neither is it comfortably accessible. Ferries only ran three days a week from Boston, our closest major city. That’s not to say that we don’t encounter our fair share of tourists. They travel here especially to experience the peculiar legend that shrouds this place. Over the years, we’ve accumulated a reputation. From the mainland, sinister and creative nicknames have been invented for Americus; Pagan Land, Freak Cay, and most disturbing of all, Devil’s Island.

Obtained by some of our more circumspect residents, and their odd beliefs.

Moving along the docks, past white boats gleaming in silvery water, Angel and I headed up to the main street of Americus largest town, Maples. The village unfolded before us in a collection of weird and colorful local businesses.

Angel didn’t even glance at the occult and new-age book stores lining Maples Street. But on my part it took much more effort not to gaze through the windows at the withered old crones, silently whispering over candles. Or at the strange young women, hung with amulets, chanting and lighting incense before opening for the day. I tried hard not to notice them, turning my head away from the curious eyes of those women who always, always, stared at Angel and I. Nor did my sister ever notice the weird occupants of the piercing and tattoo parlor. Not once did she look in the direction of the heavily-inked young men inside, their eyes all strangely the same – slanted and vacant. Angel was genuinely immune to Maple’s bizarre residents, whereas I was unsettled by them most of the time.



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"Another of my strange characteristics was that I could - by all accounts - read human thoughts. But how did that explain my new, uncanny ability to know spells and curses that had yet been taught to me? Had I used my telepathic skill while still an infant, and drawn the magical knowledge from my mother's mind, before she was mysteriously taken from this world?" - Chime Emmerson


"A Manifesto, particularly one as timeless as ours, was the most powerful book a witch could own. It revealed spells and curses of such a dangerous nature, even the most experienced of witches were careful f its use. My stomach lurched, as I looked again at the place our mystical book should be. Our Manifesto was gone."









"But the thing that shredded my heart the most was finding, and then losing, the love of my life - despite the supernatural being he was. My friends, my family, they advised I was too young to know what real love was, and that time would heal me. They were wrong. Age was no barrier of my of my understanding of love. And no day would ever come that I would be free of him, in my mind, in my heart. I'd lost the one person who was understanding, admiring of what I was. I bit down on my lip, fighting to stop the agony cascading through, and I glanced one more time at the reflection of my solitary figure, rocking back and forth, cocooned in sorrow."


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