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A story that sparked over 100,000 visitors. The new young adult novel by Samantha C. Ross.

Trying to live an ordinary life, but the paranormal just keeps getting in the way? it is not twilight here on the island, but dusk. Prepare for a story of light and dark, and enter the world of three teenager supernatural sisters. Magic happens here. A spell, a curse, a love bewitched. On Americus, nothing is as it seems. Take the trip now...there are so many things in the shadows waiting for you...





Chapter One - Page3


A few more blocks offered a touch more normalcy. Cafes and cake-shops, doctors and dentists, hardware, software and a huge grocery-retail store. Maple street ended at the marina boardwalk, with our high school, St Lucia’s, a little further beyond. This early, the esplanade stood silent and uninhabited. Later it would whirl with the color of twinkling jewelry shops and local designer’s rainbow fabrics. And at night it shimmered with candlelight, jingled with laughter, steamed with the aroma of its many restaurants and bars. The wooden boardwalk was my favorite part of town. The esplanade also housed our Aunt Tookie’s plant and flower shop, selling everything from roses to palms, herbs and spices. She even sold her own potions for ailments, in case you happened to be too squeamish about entering the occult stores. Or too frightened to visit St John’s, and the people that lived there.


“Chime!” I heard my name called as I entered the school gate. Squinting across the yard, I saw one of my best friends, Crystal, waving happily.

“See you later, Babybelle.” Angel called over her shoulder, joining her own group of friends.

Hence the nickname; bells chime, and I’m the baby of the family.

“Don’t call me that!” I yelled again, pointlessly. “Chime! My name is Chime!”

My sister smirked and disappeared as Crystal took her place.

“Morning,” she greeted eagerly. “What’s new?”

“Not much,” I yawned. “Exhausted – as usual – after my sister’s insane rush to get here and participate in our riveting curriculum.”

Crystal shook her head. “Weirdo.”

“That’s one word for it. I have plenty of others, but Tookie threatens to ground me when I call my sisters anything too graphic. How are you? Love that outfit, by the way,” I approved. Her buttercup yellow t-shirt and red jeans were striking against her shiny black skin.

“Thanks,” she smiled – a grin that grew into a huge beam. My friend was exuberant by nature, but seemed extra chirpy for this time of the morning.

“Guess what happened to me?” she suddenly burst.

“You couldn’t wait to get to school either? Lord have mercy, my sister’s disease is catching.” I dead-panned, eyeing her with curiosity nonetheless. I did have to wonder what could inspire such early morning enthusiasm. Frankly, the only thing that would excite me this early was going back to bed.

“Okay, I give up. What happened to you?” I finally asked.

“Last night, Tyler Branson called me! And we talked for an hour!” she said giddily.

I stared, forced an anemic smile and managed to sound positive. “That’s so amazing!”

Boys. Dating. They were making a slow but definite acquaintance in my friend’s lives, and it left me feeling lost. Her announcement threw me, but I listened politely. I performed friendship duty and endured every single detail. I smiled with encouragement, made approving noises in the right places. And inside, I winced with every word.

Boys. Dating. Damn.

I was overjoyed for friend, I really was. Crystal had been waiting for Tyler to notice her since a time where she still arrived at school via a skipping-rope. It was myself I was unhappy for. My attention slid away from her chatter as I felt a familiar, sinking feeling.

Boys. It wasn’t that I didn’t like them. What girl in her right mind was immune to their shiny, slick muscles on the basket-ball court? Or their strong hands and shy smiles?

But the whole idea of dating was just too difficult for someone like me.



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"Another of my strange characteristics was that I could - by all accounts - read human thoughts. But how did that explain my new, uncanny ability to know spells and curses that had yet been taught to me? Had I used my telepathic skill while still an infant, and drawn the magical knowledge from my mother's mind, before she was mysteriously taken from this world?" - Chime Emmerson


"A Manifesto, particularly one as timeless as ours, was the most powerful book a witch could own. It revealed spells and curses of such a dangerous nature, even the most experienced of witches were careful f its use. My stomach lurched, as I looked again at the place our mystical book should be. Our Manifesto was gone."









"But the thing that shredded my heart the most was finding, and then losing, the love of my life - despite the supernatural being he was. My friends, my family, they advised I was too young to know what real love was, and that time would heal me. They were wrong. Age was no barrier of my of my understanding of love. And no day would ever come that I would be free of him, in my mind, in my heart. I'd lost the one person who was understanding, admiring of what I was. I bit down on my lip, fighting to stop the agony cascading through, and I glanced one more time at the reflection of my solitary figure, rocking back and forth, cocooned in sorrow."


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